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Working with Students and Parents to Ensure Success

St Mark’s Sixth Form is committed to ensuring that all students achieve at the highest level they can. To ensure this we have a number of support networks that provide pastoral, financial and academic guidance.

Parents Consultation Evenings

These evenings, held in January, provide an opportunity for parents and students to ask any questions or share information or concerns they may have. These evenings are also complemented by progress checks and reports that provide a point of discussion about the progress of students.

Student Timetables

Students will be issued with their timetables in September and we recommend that parents familiarise themselves with this. Parental access to timetable information can help students in managing their education. A list of key dates and school closures can be found on the school calendar section of the website. The school day runs from 8.50 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. and students are required to register every morning and afternoon – unless absence is authorised in advance. Students will receive 4.5 hours per week of teaching (per subject) and will also have ‘Supervised Study’ to ensure that they stay on track.

Part time work

Many students have part-time work which provides a useful source of income; it gives valuable work experience, a sense of responsibility and skills which will help in applications to university and employment later on. However, it must be remembered that students have a full-time education to commit to and part-time work cannot come before this. Therefore it is recommended that students do not take on voluntary or paid work that exceeds 12 hours per week.

16-19 Bursary

The Government have provided funding for a scheme that enables students in financial difficulty to claim financial support for defined costs relating to school. Applications can be made in September, January and May; students and parents will need to evidence that they meet the income criteria and provide this evidence to the assessment committee.  Full details and an application form are available from the Sixth Form Admin Office


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