Key Stage 3: Years 7 – 9

On entry to St Mark’s pupils are placed into House Groups, viz Bede, Elgar, Fisher, Hume, More and Newman and usually retain the same House Group throughout their career in the school.

From Year 7 onwards until GCSE begins pupils are taught either in mixed ability groups or ability sets according to individual departmental policy. Provision is also made for those pupils who may need additional learning support either as gifted pupils, as less able pupils or as those for whom English is an Additional Language, so that all learners are able to gain access to a curriculum which meets their needs. 


The curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 follows the ten Core and Foundation subjects of the National Curriculum and R E; additionally, all pupils follow a programme of Personal, Social, Careers and Health Education (PSCHE) and Citizenship.


Year 9 pupils will start their GCSE in Core Subjects (RE, Maths, English and Science) from the beginning of the academic year.


The Key Stage 3 curriculum is organised in the following way:

SUBJECT                               NUMBER OF LESSONS PER WEEK            

English                                                           4                                                          

Mathematics                                                   4                                                        

Religious Education                                       2                                                          

Science Years 7 & 8                                      3                                                          

Science Year 9 (GCSE)                                 4                                                          

Technology                                                     2                                                          

Modern Foreign Languages                           2                                                          

(German. French, as additional, for some after Year 7)  

History                                                            1                                                          

Geography                                                     1                                                          

Computing Years 7 & 8                                  1                                                          

Physical Education                                         2                                                          

Music                                                              1                                                            

Art                                                                   1                                                            

PSCHE/Citizenship                                        1                                                          

Total 25 periods


Every Monday morning during registration, pupils will be working on their spelling, punctuation and grammar; and Tuesday mornings and each afternoon registration, the whole school has quiet reading time.