ParentMail PMX

St Mark’s is now using the ‘Absences’ facility on the ParentMail App. This means that you will be able to inform the school of your child’s absence without having to telephone or write a letter to explain why they are off school.

The absence reporting will only work through the ParentMail (PMX) App, so it is important that parents / carers download the App onto their iPhone or Android device.

You will be able to report absences in 4 easy steps:

  1. From the ParentMail App, open ‘Absences’ and select your child’s name.
  2. Select a reason for the absence from a drop down menu.
  3. Select an amount of time that your child is likely to be off school for.
  4. Add a comment / note to clarify the reason for the absence eg Flu, Sickness bug etc, and then send to the school.

You must report any absence BEFORE 9am.

Please be aware that holidays are still not permitted. 

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