Reminder of Emergency Procedures

Dear Parents /Carers,

Reminder of Emergency Procedures

I have been following the weather forecasts for this week and would now like to remind you of our emergency closure procedures.

I am always deeply reluctant to close the school unless I truly have no other choice.

There are several factors which, combined together, have affected our enforced closure in the past:

  • some main roads may be running smoothly whilst local roads can be extremely icy and dangerous;
  • our school site can be affected by black ice;
  • a large number of our pupils travel to school by bus and when weather conditions are poor the buses are sometimes unable to run or journeys take a great deal longer;
  • staff at our school travel in from a wide range of places up to 50 or so miles away from St Mark’s.

Clearly, the safety of pupils travelling to school is of paramount importance as is their safety on the school site. It is crucial, when we are open, to ensure we have sufficient staffing to safeguard children as well as have the time to make the site safe.

The following procedure will be put into place in the case of an emergency school closure:

a) Miss Heaphy will liaise with the Site Manager, Mr Cole / Mr Leahy, to clarify the situation of the school site regarding the Health and Safety of pupils and staff.

b) If the school is to close, Miss Heaphy will inform the local radio stations, Heart Essex and BBC Essex of the closure. Staff will be informed by their line managers.

c) All parents /carers signed up to Parentmail will receive an email or text to inform them of the school closure.

d) The school’s website will be updated with the latest information regarding the closure and possible reopening.

Elaine Heaphy (Headteacher)

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