WW1 Battlefields Trip

 In April, we travelled to France and Belgium, as a part of our history trip - to well and truly understand the consequences of the First World War. To show us the traumatic events that took place right in front of our very eyes, like no figure or statistic ever could. We spent four days there. My favourite day was the second day (Tuesday) where we visited the trenches in a place called Sanctuary Wood. It was an overwhelming, emotional, and very moving experience. It was so surprising to see how much military equipment was found within the wood. Later on we went to the Menin Gate, where a ceremony takes place every evening. Luckily enough for us, it was Anzac Day (the remembrance day for Australia and New Zealand) so the ceremony was even more special.

Overall, the trip was very touching and made us realise how important the First World War was, where many innocent lives were taken from us. I'd definitely recommend the trip to the current Year 9's, taking GCSE History next year.

By Holly Donoghue and Isabel Thornett


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