Careers Centre News

Year 10 Work Experience:

A huge thank you to the pupils, parents and carers of those pupils who met the deadline.  If a pupil has yet to hand a form in, this is an urgent priority and also    applies to pupils who have just one week offered by the employer but have not yet informed us of the second week.  We are now working closely with the remaining pupils who have yet to find a placement.  They have all selected three employment sectors of interest, to enable work with the Careers Centre, on finding relevant placements.

Year 9 Careers Carousel:

There are four more external professionals due to visit the school as the  Carousel comes to a close on Friday 31st March.  We will be arranging a special session, after the Easter break, to talk to the few pupils who didn't take the opportunity to attend any of the numerous sessions, so that we can find out more about their career    interests.


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